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Centri 90

High-throughput platform for routine, high-sensitivity analysis using headspace- and SPME-based workflows

Centri 90 is an automated platform for routine sampling and enrichment by headspace, SPME and SPME Arrow, with additional chromatographic performance provided by trap-based preconcentration.

Along with advanced options for water management, Centri 90 provides excellent analytical performance across a wide analyte range, and especially for early-eluting VVOCs.

Conventional GC injection modes remain available, allowing you to maintain existing workflows while also evaluating the benefits of preconcentration using the focusing trap. 

Centri 90 can be used with a choice of carrier gases (helium, hydrogen and nitrogen) enabling greater flexibility of analysis and cost-saving.

Why use Centri 90?

  • Centri 90 delivers a sensitivity gain of up to 100× when compared to classical static headspace or SPME
  • Maximise your ROI, and remove dependence from gas bottles, by adopting H2 carrier gas now or in the future.
  • Centri 90 provides high sample-throughput of up to 300 sample vials, ideal for high-productivity labs.
  • The small footprint of Centri 90 provides seamless integration into your lab by connecting to existing GC–MS instruments.
  • Centri 90 can be easily upgraded – to Centri 180 – to extend the range of techniques by adding thermal desorption and HiSorb™ high-capacity sorptive extraction capability.
  • Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of cryogen, and avoid associated risk of ice blockages, with controlled, electrical cooling.

Centri 90 features

  • SPME–trap and SPME Arrow–trap– Fast and sensitive sample extraction, with a range of fibre types offering analyte selectivity.
  • Headspace–trap – Versatile sampling from solids and liquids contained in regular headspace vials.

Who uses Centri 90?

  • Analysts needing to increase sensitivity of their routine HS, SPME and SPME Arrow analysis with maximum productivity gains.
  • Modern chromatographic labs adopting hydrogen carrier gas to preserve natural helium resources, lower cost per run and reducing their dependency from gas cylinders.
  • Chemists who routinely quantify VOCs and SVOCs in a single run, benefitting from expertly-tailored multi-sorbent bed traps combined with backflush operation

Key applications

Key applications include: • Residual fumigants in foodstuffs • Hazardous volatiles in drinking water and waste water • Residual solvents in packaging.

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Centri product range

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Centri 90 (base unit, ready for PAL3 integration)

Centri 90 (base unit with robotics)

Infographic downloads

To find out more about these techniques, download our four infographics:

  1. SPME & SPME–trap – Fast & sensitive sample extraction, with a range of fibre types offering analyte selectivity
  2. HiSorb™ high-capacity sorptive extraction – Robust, fully automated probe-based immersive or headspace sampling from liquids and solids.
  3. Headspace and Headspace–trap – Versatile sampling from solids and liquids contained in regular headspace vials.
  4. Thermal desorption – Using industry-standard tubes to analyse VOCs and SVOCs in air, or released from materials.

SPME and SPME–trap

HiSorb™ high-capacity sorptive extraction

Headspace and Headspace–trap

Thermal desorption

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