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Application Note 015
Application note
Categories: Industrial air Thermal desorption On-line sampling Thermal desorption tubes Focusing traps Application note

On-line process control of speciated organic chemicals in industrial gases at sub-ppb levels

Application Note 015

Conventional concentration and analysis technologies – based on thermal desorption with gas chromatography (GC) or GC–MS (GC–MS) – offer compatibility with a very wide range of VOCs. Samples are typically collected in bags or on sorbent tubes, allowing simultaneous measurement of hundreds of compounds.

However, TD–GC–MS is invariably limited to off-line laboratory operation, which requires skilled technicians and has restricted sample throughput due to extended analysis times and data processing requirements.

This application note describes validation of an on-line thermal desorption–mass spectrometry (TD–MS) system for rapid measurement of sub-ppb levels of VOCs in industrial carbon dioxide.

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