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TC-20 & TC-20 TAG

Conditioning and dry-purging units for multiple sorbent tubes

TC-20™ and TC-20 TAG™ are compact, stand-alone devices for the simultaneous conditioning or dry-purging of up to 20 thermal desorption sorbent tubes. TC-20 is used by thermal desorption–GC analysts who want to improve their laboratory’s productivity by avoiding using valuable instrument time for conditioning sorbent tubes. TC-20 TAG is a variant of the TC-20 for those who use Markes’ RFID TubeTAG tube tagging system with single-bed sorbent tubes. It is especially useful for those working to the US EPA Method 325 regulation.

Benefits of TC-20 & TC-20 TAG

  • Maximum efficiency – Up to 20 sorbent tubes (3½ inch × ¼ inch o.d. as standard, or 60 mm × 6 mm o.d. with simple O-ring change) can be batch reconditioned in just 30 minutes.
  • Off-line sampling – Using the TC-20 or TC-20 TAG to condition 20 tubes frees up hours (and for some sorbents days), that would have been wasted by using the analytical system.
  • Reduced running costs – TC-20 and TC-20 TAG use nitrogen rather than expensive helium gas.
  • Improve analytical reliability – Dry-purging using TC-20 and TC-20 TAG removes excess water trapped during sampling, preventing it interfering with the sample analysis.

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