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Application Note 086
Application note
Categories: Ambient air Air toxics Thermal desorption TD-100 xr UNITY-ULTRA-xr Application note

Automated cryogen-free monitoring of ‘air toxics’ in ambient air using TD–GC–MS in accordance with US EPA Method TO-17

Application Note 086

Volatile organic ‘air toxics’ or ‘hazardous air pollutants’ are monitored in many industrial and urban environments as a measure of air quality. Several national and international standard methods have been developed for air toxics and related applications.

This application note demonstrates the performance of Markes’ thermal desorption instruments for the tube-based analysis of 65 ‘air toxic’ compounds in accordance with US EPA Method TO-17.

Analytical precision, linearity and method detection limits are shown to be within the requirements of the method, and the capability of Markes’ instruments to split, re-collect and re-analyse samples without analytical bias is shown.

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