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µ-CTE™ SPF Sample Cutter
Categories: Spray polyurethane foam Microchamber sampling Mirco-Chamber/Thermal Extractor Sample extraction, solids and liquids

μ-CTE SPF Sample Cutter

SPF Sample Cutter

This brochure describes the µ-CTE™ SPF Sample Cutter, which enables consistent sections of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) to be prepared, ready for emissions sampling using the µ-CTE.

Product highlights include:

  • A sample cutter gives a clean circular cut through SPF and other soft materials.
  • Cut samples fit snugly into the four chambers of the µ-CTE-250.
  • An ejection disk allows samples to be removed without risk of contamination.
  • A cutting mat avoids damage to the cutter blade and work surfaces.

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