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Sorbent tubes - glass

Markes’ glass sorbent tubes are available in three sizes: 3.5” x ¼” (industry-standard), 4.5” x 6 mm (DAAMS) and 60 mm x 6 m (TD Mini-tubes). Industry-standard tubes are compatible with Markes, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, Dani, CDS and Gerstel 3.5+ thermal desorption (TD) systems. DAAMS tubes are compatible with Markes DAAMS instruments and CDS equivalent, and TD Mini-tubes are suitable for use with Gerstel TDU instruments.

Tubes can be provided empty, or packed with a single or multi-bed of sorbent bed for active sampling. Tubes are sold conditioned and capped with long-term storage caps, or unconditioned without caps. Further options include RFID-tagging (TubeTAG™).

To see all industry standard sorbent tubes we sell use our Tube selector.


PFAS tubes conditioned and capped or uncapped, optimised for analysis of PFAS in air by TD–GC–MS.

All Markes’ sorbent tubes are permanently labelled with a unique serial number, barcode and sampling arrow for ease of use and tracking.


Types of glass sorbent tube

  • General use – Single and multi-bed tubes with broad analyte ranges, suitable for general use and sampling of unknown and/or known compounds. Versatile and robust, making them ideal for everyday use.
  • Method compliant – Single and multi-bed tubes designed to be compliant with methods such as EPA TO-17. Purchased conditioned, they minimise preparation time and provide confidence in results.
  • Application optimised – Single and multi-bed tubes optimised by Markes for specific applications such as bio-monitoring, material emissions testing, air sampling in hydrophobic environments and SVOC monitoring. Optimised by TD experts to streamline method development and minimise downtime.
  • Single-sorbent – Popular tubes packed with a single sorbent bed. Packed by TD experts with optimised mesh sizes, bed lengths and packing methods for pumped sampling.
  • Multi-bed – Popular tubes packed with multiple sorbent beds: typically, two or three. Optimised combinations of mesh size, mass, and sorbent combinations for effective pumped sampling. Allow for sampling of extended analyte ranges on a single tube, reducing costs and simplifying workflow.
  • Custom – Custom-packed tubes single or multi-bed tubes specifically configured to suit your requirements. 
  • Empty – Empty tubes for direct desorption of homogenous solid or semi-solid materials, for advanced users with their own sorbent packing expertise and equipment, or to be used as carrier tubes.