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Sorbent tubes - glass

Markes’ glass sorbent tubes are available in three sizes:

  • 3.5” x ¼” (industry-standard)
  • 4.5” x 6 mm (DAAMS)
  • 60 mm x 6 m (TD Mini-tubes)

Industry-standard tubes are compatible with Markes, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, Dani, CDS and Gerstel 3.5+ thermal desorption (TD) systems. DAAMS tubes are compatible with Markes DAAMS instruments and CDS equivalent, and TD Mini-tubes are suitable for use with Gerstel TDU instruments.

Tubes can be provided empty, or packed with a single or multi-bed of sorbent bed for active sampling. Tubes are sold conditioned and capped with long-term storage caps, or unconditioned without caps. Further options include RFID-tagging (TubeTAG™).

To see all industry standard sorbent tubes we sell use our Tube selector.

All Markes’ sorbent tubes are permanently labelled with a unique serial number, barcode and sampling arrow for ease of use and tracking.


Types of glass sorbent tube

  • General use – Single and multi-bed tubes with broad analyte ranges, suitable for general use and sampling of unknown and/or known compounds. Versatile and robust, making them ideal for everyday use.
  • Method compliant – Single and multi-bed tubes designed to be compliant with methods such as EPA TO-17. Purchased conditioned, they minimise preparation time and provide confidence in results.
  • Application optimised – Single and multi-bed tubes optimised by Markes for specific applications such as bio-monitoring, material emissions testing, air sampling in hydrophobic environments and SVOC monitoring. Optimised by TD experts to streamline method development and minimise downtime.
  • Single-sorbent – Popular tubes packed with a single sorbent bed. Packed by TD experts with optimised mesh sizes, bed lengths and packing methods for pumped sampling.
  • Multi-bed – Popular tubes packed with multiple sorbent beds: typically, two or three. Optimised combinations of mesh size, mass, and sorbent combinations for effective pumped sampling. Allow for sampling of extended analyte ranges on a single tube, reducing costs and simplifying workflow.
  • Custom – custom-packed tubes single or multi-bed tubes specifically configured to suit your requirements. 
  • Empty – empty tubes for direct desorption of homogenous solid or semi-solid materials, for advanced users with their own sorbent packing expertise and equipment, or to be used as carrier tubes.