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Sampling Technologies

Sorbent tube customisation and replacement

Markes’ sorbent tubes are available in a variety of materials, sorbent packing combinations and with a wide range of labelling options. All Markes’ tubes feature sophisticated labelling with a unique ID number in clear barcode and numerical format, plus a sampling flow arrow. Tubes can also be customised to align with end-user and analyst workflow.

Customisation options include

  • Up to 10 alphanumerical characters, to indicate sorbent type, maximum conditioning temperature, project name, purchase date, company name etc.
  • Up to five permanent black bands, as a visual indicator of the number of sorbent beds or to denote particular sampling campaigns
  • Company names or logos

Sorbent tube return and replacement

Used sorbent tubes can be returned for a discount on new tubes, like-for-like (stainless steel and inert stainless steel only). We would kindly ask that returns documentation be completed and approved before tubes are returned to Markes (with all tubes subject to a risk assessment). Glass tubes, DAAMS tubes and any tubes that may have been in contact with dangerous substances are not returnable. We can also accept thermal desorption sorbent tubes from non-Markes manufacturers, provided the shipping/documentation criteria are met.

Contact to arrange your sorbent tube return.

Our Tube configurator willl help with selecting the right sorbent tube for the vast majority of popular applications.